Static Website Design

Boost Your Business

Having a static website is one of the easiest ways to display your products and services online as it uses minimum HTML coding and script which makes it user-friendly. Such a website is ideal for sites having a short life span and have just a few content updates. It facilitates easy download and navigation even on lower bandwidth.

Why Businesses Prefer Static Website

  • The website is simple to create and host
  • No maintenance which makes it cost-effective
  • Brochures, images, whitepapers and other material can be easily downloaded
  • Web layout can be changed easily with little HTML coding knowledge
  • Easily optimizable
  • Each page can be edited at a later date
  • Ideal for small businesses who do not have regular content updates

Why Choose Sitegeek Infotech

We are a leading Static Website Design company in India offering top-notch website development services for all businesses. Our dedicated and professional team has created websites for online businesses in the most unique and attractive manner as per our clients’ needs. Our clients choose us because we design a site keeping in mind –

  • Fast loading of the website
  • Perfect design interface
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Maintaining overall consistency in design
  • Search engine friendly navigation
  • Each page can be edited at a later date
  • Ideal for small businesses who do not have regular content updates

Our company has a proven record of creating some of the most creative tailor-made websites which has made us a top static website design company in Noida. So, whether you are a new company or have been trading offline for years, our static website design package will be the first step to start your business online.

Main Features of the Package

  • Customized website design and development
  • CSS and HTML validated for better search engine results
  • For fast website access, we offer optimized coding
  • High speed, reliable and secure hosting of the website
  • Technical Support available
  • Cross-browser compatible

If you would like to know more about our services, call us at +91 971 700 0636 , +91 9204 5656 10 or drop us an email at