Convert PSD to HTML in India

PSD to HTML slicing

Is your website of any use if it is unable to attract the ‘right traffic’ and discern you amongst your competitors? Well, a successful website is the result of not just a single factor but a multitude of reasons including coding both HTML and XHTML pages. In our PSD to XHTML conversion process, PSD files are processed by developers to cater to specific functionalities. This task involves the right coding knowledge.

Bring Designs to Life

Want to convert the static designs into dynamic ones? Converting PSD to HTML in India is your solution as HTML is considered as life and support of webpages on the Internet. With the advancement in HTML, designers have enough space to maneuver and experiment with new concepts.

What We Do?

We convert the designs into web pages through coding done by experts. All you have to do is to give design in jpeg, PDF, PSD format and leave the rest on us. Our competent technical experts will study the designs and use hand coding to convert them into interactive web pages.

In case, if you do not have designs, we will create it for you.

Our Services

  • Cross Browser Compatible: We create webpages that are compatible with all the web browsers.
  • Standardized Codes: For best results, we follow the guidelines laid down in International W3C standards.
  • Fully Hand Coded Websites: For error-free results, we generate manual codes.
  • Fluid HTML: You will see fixed position of webpage elements throughout the site from different screen sizes.
  • Optimized Speed: The webpages developed by Sitegeek Infotech will have minimum loading time and will be super-fast.
  • Pixel Perfect Development: We will take care of the web page and you will get an accurate page with exact design.
  • Organized & Updated: Our website conversion to PSD to HTML5 is entirely dependant upon the norms laid down by W3C.
  • SEO Semantic: Our codes are SEO semantic which makes the pages SEO friendly.

Our Process

  • Upload Files: The first and foremost step in this process is that you need to upload the PSD files that you want them to be converted.
  • Review Files: At this stage, we will analyze all the PSD Files and review them if we need any further information before we start with the coding process.
  • HTML Coding: As per your requirement, we will then begin the coding process.
  • Testing: Once the coding is finished, all codes are thoroughly verified and duly checked for any errors.
  • Delivery: As soon as your design is ready, we compile all the essential files into a zip folder that you can securely download as per your convenience.

Why Choose Us?

Fast & Proficient Service

We know time is paramount and so is quality services. Stay rest assured to get both when you work with us. You will get high quality deliverables on time.

Advanced Technologies

With the advancement in technology, we make websites in HTML5 and CSS3 as well instead of restricting ourselves to just HTML and CSS formats. This allows better and developed features to be integrated with the websites which becomes the preferred choice for many who wish to have innovative conceptual website.

Structured Coding

Our developers are experts in whatever they do. So, if you are looking for any minor modifications in the future, we can surely help with that.

Maintenance & Support

Once we have delivered the project to our clients, we will give a month’s support for FREE and our dedicated employees will be happy in solving your queries.

If you are looking out for PSD to HTML5 conversion service provider, get in touch with us at +91 9717 000 636 or mail us at