Content Management System


Want to update your website? Give a new life to your site with Sitegeek Infotech’s Content Management Solutions. As content is central to the customer experience, we deliver a unique web experience for each of your clients with our easy-to-use CMS. The CMS that our team will create will give you complete control over your website and content and you will have the scalability and flexibility to adapt to the changing needs.

How Content Management System Websites Work

Once logged in to your website, you are free to use the control panel as per your will. You can easily add, edit or remove text, images and content.

Image uploading is easy with just a simple drag and drop and then position within your webpage. You can save pages to be edited at a later date.

Content Management Made Easy!

Clear Page Management and Menu

We will create such a CMS for your brand using which you can create, update, add, edit and manage unlimited number of content pages without needing a web designer.

User-friendly Tools

Users can easily add media like the images, videos or animations on their site.

Who Will Get Benefitted with CMS

The startup companies, small businesses and medium scale companies and growing enterprises power their websites using the CMS created by Sitegeek Infotech making it a professional website and economical even for the tightest of budgets.

Content Management System Functions

Blog/News Pages Menus
Edit Content Edit Content Edit Description
Add/Insert Videos Add/Insert Videos Change Order
Add/Insert Photos Add/Insert Photos Change Hierarchy

Content Management System Scalability

The new website will be deployed using WordPress CMS – the leading open source platform which has created over 75 million websites. As your business needs grow, the pages on your WordPress site will be easy to expand.

From a hundred visitors per day to thousand visitors each day, we will give such web content management solutions that will have the scalability to meet your demand and if in the future, if you wish to add an eCommerce shop, reservation system or a discussion forum, you can easily add to your CMS website without beginning from the scratch.

Let us know your business needs and we will provide you a competitive quote. We will set up the initial website and then you are free to add and edit the pages so as to effectively communicate with your prospects.

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