Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

Why Do You Need a Custom Website Design?

In this current cut-throat market competition, you need a customized website from experts. True, anyone can develop a site using open source platforms like Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc. But, to sustain in the long run, you need to have a website that is as innovative as it can be. For creating such a website, you will have to spend your precious time designing and coding instead of running the business. Thus, default website templates will not do justice to your business and you will not be able to give the required 'look and feel' to your customers when they visit your store online. So, the benefits of having a customized website design from experts are –

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Get creative graphics
  • Add necessary applications as per your business needs
  • Long-term benefit for business
  • Maximum ROI
  • One-time investment and NO monthly charges

How Our Custom Web Designing Services Different from the Rest?

Being one of the leading custom web design company in India, we have consistently developed well-integrated and interactive website that has become revenue-generating solution for our clients. Our main focus relies on creating a tailor-made website keeping your objective in mind of social media, outbound or inbound marketing. So, whether you are looking to convert your website design to a corporate website, e-commerce website, portal, non-profit website, discussion forum, get one as we use the latest technologies and tools to give you a customized solution. We are a specialist in merging aesthetics and functionality with intelligent technology.

Standard Features of a Custom Web Design

  • W3C standard compliance in CSS and XHTML
  • Website performance monitoring
  • Table-less programming techniques for better indexing of search engines
  • Basic search engine optimization
  • Google webmaster account to monitor health of the site

Our Services

  • Customized website designs meeting your business needs
  • Responsive design that fits all devices
  • Creative and innovative website templates
  • Interactive user interface
  • Customer-centric website design
  • Call to action at right places
  • SEO-friendly interface that boost web traffic to the site

Why Choose Us?

1. User-friendly Interface

Our customized website design services are not just restricted in giving a fresh look and renewed energy to your website but are also able to give the clients a better search engine friendly navigation. Clear navigation help visitors browse different pages without any problem. We have even implemented HTML site maps that easily gives the visitors what they 'really' need.

2. A Unique Brand Identity to Standout in the Crowd

Your online reputation is majorly dependent upon how well your message is conveyed to your visitors. So, the experienced professionals at Sitegeek Infotech first take time to understand your business and objective to finally develop a visually appealing website. This easy-to-navigate website will be in tune with your vision and goals that will help you build corporate identity.

3. Website Usability

Custom web design services at Sitegeek Infotech ensures that all the usability issues are taken care of optimally. Special attention is given by the website designers so that your visitors have a life-time experience.

4. Customer Satisfaction & Quality

Our web site design services cater to all budgets. We have packages that suit your business needs and pockets and the rest is taken care by us. We make sure that your website goes live as quickly as possible without much of a hassle.

5. Latest Technology

Instead of using the traditional method of creating website, the web 2.0 design has opened up new vistas that create enhanced user interaction for e-commerce businesses and websites.

Do you want a custom website design for your business? Get in touch with us at or call us at +91 9717 000 636.