Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

It’s no secret that both the search engine as well as visitors like visiting updated websites loaded with freshest content on a regular basis. Having an online presence means that your business need to remain dynamic ALWAYS! A successful website will give reasons to viewers to give repeated visits to your site and the best way to keep them glued to your site is to keep it from being outdated.

So, whether you are looking for adding fresh images, content, new product line or update price, Sitegeek Infotech will work with you and ensure that you get the highest ROI on your website investment. As a premier website maintenance company in India, we do –

Overall Site Improvements

Visitors give the best feedback and if you still hang on to the same old website without making any improvisations, you will be at loss. Your website’s most reliable performance appraisal will be the one that you receive from customers that visit your site. Comments, questions, suggestions and complaints left by the visitors will provide an honest feedback about your site and with these, you can give your site the required facelift and use these to enhance your online performance.

E-Commerce Specials

Special promotions and discount programs will keep your online business in check and both the short and long-term sales initiative will keep your site updated. Routine website maintenance will keep your audience posted of the unique offers and boost sales.

Product/service Updates

After a span of time, you will be required to update your product and service list with the new one. So maintaining it will help you leverage your online business effectively.

Interactivity Maintenance

Over a period, the website begins to falter with interactive components not working properly and if the site’s development pieces are not fully restored, it can hamper your online reputation badly. So, check if your website interactive tool are working properly because successful interactivity of the site will help you market your products and services better while capturing new clients at the same time.

What Involves Website Maintenance

  • Addition and/or modification of website content
  • Maintenance of email and/or newsletter list
  • Update articles, blog and/or any announcements
  • Add/remove any page
  • Replace images
  • Image manipulation and insertion
  • Shopping cart product updates
  • PDF creation and uploading
  • Navigational changes
  • Insert or delete pre-edited video
  • Addition or deletion of links

Checklist of Website Maintenance

  • Instant website updates
  • Virus and bugs removal
  • Periodical backup of the website
  • Monthly website visitor report
  • Add/edit update content
  • Edit in current banner
  • Third party app integration
  • Periodical website health check
  • Server performance checkup
  • Periodical backup of database
  • 1 year maintenance
  • Periodically check the website performance
  • On-demand backup
  • Support via phone or mail

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced experts are working with us
  • Quick turnaround
  • Detail oriented
  • Cost-effective services

Please note that we give unlimited number of text revisions to any existing page under the contract, but designing an entirely new web page will cost extra.

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